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How we met – the short version.

12 years old. Art Class, Shrewsbury High School – Shrewsbury, MA.

Danny had moved from Bolton, Ontario Canada to Shrewsbury, MA, my hometown when he was 12. His last name is Robinson, mine is Rodgers – so we shared the same homeroom, our lockers were next to each other and there was only one person, who sat between us at our high school graduation – Matt Rocha. We will always remember his name for that reason.

Every morning in homeroom before class began, Danny would share tidbits about his weekend and tell me about his brother, David’s first band, Lost Weekend and his previous life in Canada, where it was “so clean, they even washed the snow…”

Danny @ 14

Danny was like a goofy younger brother to me, who raced radio control cars on the weekends and always pointed out the things you didn’t want anyone else to notice, like the pimple on your face or a stain on your shirt. Even though Danny didn’t have a filter – he was genuine, warm and real. After h.s, he moved to Vancouver to go to university and I stayed in MA to attend college. We would bump into each other at parties during winter and summer breaks and were always so happy to see each other and catch up.

In June of 93, Danny flew back to Boston from BC to see if there was a chance for us. We have been together ever since…


2 thoughts on “How we met – the short version.

  1. It means, he just said whatever was on his mind without thinking, sugar coating or choosing his words first. But I love(d) Danny’s honesty. It is something I know I can count on.

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