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Introducing my bridesmaids…

Danny and I have moved a lot in our lives together and with every move and new experience, I have found a good friend in all of these women. We feel so blessed to have so many wonderful friends, who are like family to us.



Christina knew me when I had big hair and dreams of being a CPA and Danny when he drove a red convertible fiat and threw wild parties at Shrewsbury High school. One of my very best friends from High School, she knew Danny and I separately before we became a couple. Together, we have partied, skipped school, graduated HS, lived/partied in CA (She was in Santa Barbara and I was in Palo Alto, CA) and really grown up together. Christina lived very close to me when we were teenagers and I knew her when she was wild and wasn’t a CPA. (which is really quite funny b/c she used to tease me about wanting to be one) There are way too many good times to recount in our history together. She has visited me in BC with her daughter, Justyne and we have stayed with her in her home in Salem, MA. It has been too long since we have seen each other but whenever we do, it is like no time has passed.

Heather DeCelles


I met Heather in September of 1993. It was right after I returned from spending my first summer with Danny in Whistler, BC. Danny’s best friend, Dan Reagan, who also lived in MA told me about this girl he had been dating, who was a lifeguard and a model, and showed me her picture. She just happened to be going to the same college as me – UMASS, and her name was Heather DeCelles. It was a good size campus, so I thought if we bumped into each other then I would say “hello.” When I arrived on campus that Sept. to move in to my dorm, I saw Heather standing by a car with her family. I recognized her instantly from the picture Dan showed me and I went over and introduced myself. She was warm, a bit goofy and I liked her right away. Later that same day, I saved her from being hit on by an obnoxious but cute frat boy at a party and we were inseparable from then on. Dan Reagan and Heather only dated a short time but we have been close friends to this day. Heather never picks up the phone, claims she has email (but I don’t believe her) and will probably never read this blog post but whenever we are together, it’s as comfortable as it has always been. Heather is a maternity ward nurse, who lives in Rutland, MA with her family.

Karla and Trevor.


I met Karla in November 1999 at our first start-up, Spinway in Palo Alto, CA. Karla was hired by our Strategic Alliances Director, Marta. I had reviewed Karla’s resume before I met her but I didn’t interview her b/c I was out of town. She had been in the office a few days before we officially met; It was another late night for me (actually, I never left that office…it was like my second home). We were in our new office space on Commercial Drive in Palo Alto and we were all so excited to be there. (What employee # were you Karla ??? 14? I can’t remember. You were definitely early stage.) Karla was standing in the hall between cubicles and I stopped to say “hello…” and officially introduce myself. We discovered we were both from Boston, MA area (she has the classic Bostonian accent..love it) and hit it off right away. We did everything together in those days – shopping, eating out (steak bites and wine ummm), working, sleep overs (she always fell asleep to Jerry McGuire), sharing clothes, dancing… etc. We have shared many laughs together and I wish she lived closer. Karla is my big DQ, with a big heart and an enormous shoe collection! I miss raiding her closet.

Jamie Fitton


Jamie, Jamie, Jamie… I met Ms. Fitton in December of 1999. Jamie (J) is Karla’s cousin from New Hampshire. She was living in LA and Karla thought I should hire her for Spinway. The night we met, I was suppose to go out dancing with Karla and some friends in San Francisco. When I arrived at Karla’s apt in Palo Alto, she introduced me to Jamie. I didn’t know Jamie was going to be there but I was supposed to interview Jamie that week. So, I casually interviewed J on the drive up to SF in the backseat of Karla’s car. We set up a real interview a short time after that and I hired her. She moved from working pt in our marketing/sales group to full time in our sales dept. At Spinway, Jamie couldn’t walk by my cube without getting a hug from me. She was my movie buddy and would keep me company when Dan was out of town. She had her own key to our place and would always let herself in, walk right by us sitting on the couch, sit down at our desk and log into our computer to check her email. She was our unofficial roomie and I wish she lived around the corner from us now. Jamie will be marrying Charlie in June 2008 in Newburyport, MA. Hooray!



I met Robin in September 2002 on 17th and Marine Drive in West Vancouver, BC. It was a misty fall morning and we (Danny, Emma and I) were walking to grab breakie at Cindy’s Restaurant. I had been out the night before and was a little hung over. We stopped at the corner of 17th and Marine to cross the street and the Leskiws met up with us. Ryan (Robin’s little boy) and Emma (our little girl) started chatting (Ryan was 2 and a bit and Emma was 22 months), so Rob and I started talking too. She had just returned from her parent’s place in Mill Bay on Vancouver Island, where Danny’s parent’s live. We exchanged phone numbers and got together shortly after that. It’s hard not to love Robin. She is so easy to just be with, always eager to lend a hand and almost matches me in clutziness. Like Jamie, she just walks right in our front door and makes herself at home. I love that. We have shared a lot of laughs as friends and families.


Julie S.

I met Julie at Emma’s 1st preschool parent meeting in September 2003. Robin and I had walked to the school for the meeting that night and when we arrived, we sat next to Julie. I remember Julie was wearing a scarf in her hair and was all smiles. She was pure warmth and sunshine. Since that night, Julie and I have enjoyed many good times, laughter and even a few tears. (or was that just me?) Julie is the kind of friend, who makes you feel like you are the only one in the room. She is loving, sincere, inspiring and one of the best Mama’s I know. Julie is from Ontario, Canada but lives in Vancouver now with her family. She is also a doula. We try to get together as often as we can swing it.


Fran Chelico

Frannie! Out of the bunch, I have known Fran the shortest amount of time but there is no question we bonded right away. Like Karla and Jamie, maybe our east coast connection (Fran lived in NY for a while) was one of the reasons why I felt instantly at home with her. But beyond our east coast roots, I was relaxed by her honesty and ability to just tell it like it is, which I find so refreshing. Like Danny, she doesn’t have a filter (most of the time…)but has a huge heart, gives good hugs and is very supportive. We spend a lot of time hanging out and playing together.



I became friends with Karle in November 2004. I had met her on a few occasions before but November was when I really started to get to know her. Julie KS, Robin and I had started a monthly group called CHILL. (It stands for something, which Karle came up with and I can’t seem to remember) Each of us had to invite a friend or two, who we didn’t really know, but we thought would be fun to see more of. Robin invited Karle to join us and we have all become good friends, as a result. Karle is one of my most thoughtful and endearing friends, who makes you feel at home when you are with her. In addition, she is the ultimate hostess, who is quick to find the humor in almost any situation and can deliver a punchline, deadpan. She is always catching me (and friends) off guard with her witty one liners. Karle and family are also withing stumbling err.., walking distance of our house, so we see the whole clan quite often.

Julie Mason

Julie M.

I met Jul in June of 2003. Robin and I looked after her son Ben sometimes but it wasn’t until we invited her hubby, Haven and her to the Robinson Goodbye House party in September, 2003 did I get a glimpse of the real Julie. They had just moved here from Kits (originally from Ontario) and didn’t know many people over on our side of the bridge. Danny broke the ice at that party by taking Julie down on the dance floor (oops!). Jul didn’t seem to mind, so I knew we would all get along just fine. I invited Julie to CHILL the following year and that is when I really got to know her. Jul is charming, outgoing and a joy to be with. She is always up for a good time, ready to perform the Worm or perhaps show you her signature “leap to a crouch” move. We could throw a stone at Jul’s house from ours, so needless to say we play together regularly.



Nancy was the first friend I met in BC after moving up from Palo Alto, CA. She invited me over for breakie one Sunday shortly after we met, and our friendship has blossomed over the past 6 years. Nancy is a very loving, open-minded and sensual woman, who truly lives life, knows how to express herself and appreciate each day. She has a calming presence and I really enjoy the times we spend together. Nancy is one of the few, who has attended all of our annual Halloween bashes and Whistler Winter getaways. We have had some good times and learned a thing or two together over the years.


One thought on “Introducing my bridesmaids…

  1. We are planning a girls Vegas trip to celebrate Maura’s upcoming wedding.

    We are so looking forward to getting to know all of Maura’s special friends better. This is going to be one big bridal PAR-TAY!

    A date that works very well for us rain-soaked, sun-starved Vancouver people is April 17-20, 2008. Nine girls from Vancouver are able to make this date, but have not yet booked our tickets. We are hoping to do so very soon, as rates are changing daily.

    Can you let us know if this date works for you, and if not, can you suggest an alternative in before June (because we all have kids and need them to be in school in order to get away).

    Hope to hear from you soon,
    Nancy & Robin

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