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I heart Paloma Blanca

January. This is my month. The month to find my dress, that is. But there is no way I am spending thousands on a dress I will wear once. Several of my friends have done it and they all wished they didn’t now. What about you? Any recommendations???

My Mom is still in town, so before she hopped on a plane to head back to Boston, MA – I wanted her help in finding the perfect dress. On Saturday am, my Mom, Robin and I started the hunt. Our first stop: Milestones for some fuel and to make a game plan. Over coffee and some pretty tasty scrambled eggs, we decided to begin our day on Main Street.


I made an appt at Bello for 12pm. When I arrived – both change rooms were being used and I had to wait. We perused the limited selection and chose a few dresses we thought might work but nothing really grabbed me. Some of their stock was at the Wedding Fair, which I had been to in the fall 07. Because the change rooms were in use, they offered me their hair/dressing room as an alternative to get me started. I didn’t mind b/c I knew I would know in just a few minutes what I liked. Out of the three dresses I tried, one was okay but definitely not the one. We were in/out in about 30 minutes. To sum up, at Bello:

  • Their prices are reasonable. You can easily find a gown for under $1000.
  • Dress/Designer selection is limited. This was my second time visiting the shop.
  • Their change rooms are very small.


A few blocks north of Bello on Main, you will find WED on the East side of the street. It is a beautiful boutique with an incredibly limited selection of high priced designer gowns. I scanned what they had on hangers and the attached price tags, which hovered around $4k+. Knowing my time was limited and my budget is no where near that neighborhood, I said “thank you,” hopped in my car and headed east. To be fair, I didn’t talk to the staff so there may have been more dresses behind closed doors somewhere but I didn’t have time to waste.

Chantilly Bridal

When I was building my house, I never noticed all of the bridal shops on East Hastings. I was pressed to find bath and lighting fixtures at that time and my head was not in the bridal world. As a bride-to-be, the 3600 block of East Hastings looks more like bridal row than reno street to me now. On my way to my 1pm appt at Chantilly, I noticed Tiffany NY bridal, Samsung bridal, and Charm. Norburn Lighting never even caught my eye.

When I reached Chantilly, I could tell that it was the nicest boutique out of the other shops I passed. Chantilly had a great selection, huge, private changing rooms, big surrounding mirrors and very helpful staff.

4 of the dresses I tried on were from the same designer: Paloma Blanca. All of PB dresses were simple, sophisticated, and beautiful. The fabric was silk and light, which is exactly why I kept choosing the designer over and over again without realizing it. I won’t tell you the dress numbers of the designs I loved b/c you will just have to wait until my wedding day. And the prices were reasonable.



5 thoughts on “I heart Paloma Blanca

  1. M –

    I wish wish wish I were there with you to look for a wedding dress. You know how much I love that and the whole organizing of it 🙂 All the dresses you described sound so pretty, I can not wait to see what you selct but no matter which one you choose, you will be so amazingly beautiful. Your smile radiates like nothing else. I miss you and cannot wait to celebrate. I want to go to VEGAS! You will have to go twice now!




  2. @ K. Thanks sweets. I want you in Vegas. All of you. We will definitely have to plan 2 trips, if April is still a go on this end. And Wednesday before the day, we will hit Whistler.

  3. Hi Maura:
    The dresses all look divine. I wish I lived nearby, I would offer to design and make the dress, as i did Donna’s, and it woudl definitely be within your budget.
    You will look beautriful no matter what you wear, don’t break the bank on the dress. You are gorgeous.

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