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Creamy, luscious, and fragrant…

That’s how I would describe the gardenia. I never knew that the gardenia was the “perennial favorite of brides” when I stumbled upon this photo in a magazine. I just thought, “this is it.” So, I tore out the ad, snapped an iphoto and snail mailed the original to my Mom in Boston (who doesn’t have email!!) to see what she thought. A few days later, the phone rang. It was Mom. Crying. She said, “The gardenia was the first flower that Dutchy (her one true love) ever gave to me.” Until that moment, the gardenia did not have any special significance in my life. Now, it does…


What flowers did you choose for your wedding day and did they have any special meaning to you?


2 thoughts on “Creamy, luscious, and fragrant…

  1. How about that
    It is also, your Mom-in-Law (to be)
    favorite flower and also, her mom’s favorite flower.
    I guess it has to be now!
    Mom R

  2. We had red roses. My wife said that she never liked red roses, because they were a symbol of love- so whenever a guy bought them for her it made her gag a bit.

    But when we were getting married, red roses became the flower of choice because then, at long last, they were in the right context. I guess it just had to be the right guy 😉

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