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I do not have a Maid of Honor.

I have been told that I need one. Aside from witnessing us sign *the* papers, do I really though?? I have been a bridesmaid before, organized bachelorette parties and shared the list of responsibilities that seem to fall under this job description. I never even realized those “duties” belonged to someone else, until now. In the past, I just wanted to do what I could to help the bride and give her what I knew (and yes, I knew…there were emails, calls) she really wanted.

Let’s face it – not all MOH’s are the most organized individuals or best party planners. Some bridesmaids are better suited to different tasks and others may know the brides true tastes. That sister you feel obligated to ask, for instance, may not know that you are a closet pole dancer and can hang upside down, suspended in mid air by only one incredibly strong calf (and core!) wrapped tightly around a pole and would prefer to show off your talents and hit the town then get a stripper and stay at home for your bachelorette. Or perhaps, you prefer a more subtle celebration at the spa to hitting the clubs in a white tee, with “A Buck for A Suck” written in permanent black marker across the chest, adorned with hard candies.

Some brides may feel more comfortable sharing what they truly want with certain bridesmaids. From the caterers and venue, to invitations and flowers (and of course, the dress), we all know the bride has a lot of decisions to make. You may trust one bridesmaid’s opinion, who just happens to be a florist, about flowers or prefer to take one or two bridesmaids dress shopping b/c you know they will not mince words. As a whole, all of your bridesmaids know the real you and can come up with ideas and plans to make all the mini-days leading up to your big day as stress-free and fun as possible.

With all these things in mind, it seems like all 10 of my bridesmaids will fill the MOH role in some way or at some time. I am honored to have these women as part of my wedding, so I just don’t think I will be making this distinction. I just want it to be happy and enjoyable for everyone involved.


2 thoughts on “I do not have a Maid of Honor.

  1. I for one, am convinced. Maura, you continue to rock to the beat of your own drum. MOHs might become an endangered species after this post!

    xo, nancy

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