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Viva Las Vegas.

Most girls are lucky enough to enjoy one evening of debauchery with their best girlfriends before they tie the knot but this bride is getting 4 days/3 glorious nights away in Las Vegas this April. Which coincidentally is about as much Vegas as I can handle. I am usually maxed out after the second night in the City of Sin but I am going with friends, who know how to go from 100 to Chill in about 60 seconds. While I do not know exactly what’s in store, you can bet that I will be doing a little sleeping in, lounging by the pool (fingers crossed for sun), shopping for deals, taking in a show, perfecting Julie’s “leap to a crouch” dance moves, and making some memories with some of my best pals. Oh, and probably a little bit of gambling too. What more could a girl ask for, really?

Vegas Strip

Well, there is one thing. I wish all of my bridesmaids could make it to this girl’s getaway. Unfortunately, none of my east coast friends will be able to attend. And since it is really not a party without Karla, Jamie, Christina and Heather, we will be saving up for a Whistler celebration the Wednesday before the big day.


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