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I found *the* dress!

I am so excited. It’s done. I bought my dress today at Chantilly Bridal on East Hastings. Courtney is so amazing there. I grabbed several new dresses to try on along with my ? dress that I tried on twice before when Mom was with me.

I took Fran with me to torture her, err I mean have her help me make my decision. And we both agreed – the dress I have been wondering about is THE one. Such a huge relief to have that done.

It will be here in 4 months.


4 thoughts on “I found *the* dress!

  1. No torturing involved…it was my pleasure! You looked stunning yesterday even with your black socks ;). can’t wait to see you in it on your day!
    congrats honey…glad I was there to help you out.

  2. HOORAY!
    It’s good I wasn’t there, I would have wept.
    Can’t wait to see you on your day! I’ll be the one weeping (with happiness of course).
    big xo, Nancy

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