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Launch Party Vancouver 3 – January 25

It’s Sunday morning. I woke up to a dusting of snow on the ground and unlike most Vancouverites, I wish there was more. I feel like curling up this am, catching up on some much needed family time and other homey stuff that I have not had a chance to get done lately.

Last week was quite the whirlwind as I prepared for an event I organize (along with Danny Robinson and Dimitri Sirota) called Launch Party Vancouver (or LPV, for short). This was our third event, held on a Friday, which is unusual because most LPV’s take place on Wednesday or Thursday to catch people before they take off for the weekend.

Here’s why this one was on a Friday and pulled together much sooner than originally planned:
3 Weeks ago, LPV 1 & 2’s headliner sponsor, Sun Microsystem’s contacted me to see if we could coordinate the next LPV with the launch of their new program, Start-up essentials. At first I said, “no can do…” It takes a while to pull these things together. We are also getting ready to launch Strutta and it was not in line with my LPV plan. But after a little more prodding, I realized how important it was for the Vancouver community. Sun was choosing Vancouver over Toronto to launch their national program. Why? Well, I already know why but I think it’s important that the rest of the world recognizes that there is a lot of things happening in the Vancouver tech community. These are exciting times in Vancouver and the whole reason LPV exists is to turn up the volume here so the rest of the world takes notice. This is true. I have no hidden agendas. People are always coming up to me at every event – asking me “why? we do this or saying “you could make money at this.” But I don’t want to and I think that would change this whole event’s reason for being. Every penny we raise goes into making each event as great as it can be. So, if by doing this event we could get people outside Vancouver to take notice, then LPV has done it’s job. Well, part of it anyway. The other part is just an opportunity for the community to get together, celebrate our accomplishments, support each other and let loose. (and we have no problem doing that…wOOt!)

There were a lot of great companies and people at LPV3:

The uber talented photographer/tech guy – Duane Storey (pictured below) captured some photos of the evening and groups shots of the Digital Media People to Watch in 2008 and Raincity’s list of Tech Women to Watch in 2008 as well. As soon as I see them, I will post the link to Duane’s photos here and on LPV. Here are a few snaps by podcaster, John Bollwitt:

Duane Storey, kk+, Kdon (Kim Cathers)

Rebecca Bollwitt aka Miss604 and Me

Raincity’s Dave Olson and Strutta’s Jordan Behan

A big thanks to LPV bouncer, Robin for manning the door and keeping the riff-raff out. You rock, Rob.

Oh, and I know who is bringing sexy back in 2008. If you are interested, check out this super secret vansexy blog I just received in my inbox. I don’t know who the blogger is yet (I have my suspicions but don’t ever tell!) or who the people are that have been mentioned in the LPV post but I love the idea. A sexy take on LPV3’s festivities.


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