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The gauntlet has been thrown

Type in the words Vancouver Blogger on Google and local tech writer and photographer, Duane Storey is one of the top search results listed along with my friend, fellow chef and shark catcher, Boris Mann.

But another Vancouver Blogger wants to change that and recently wrote a post asking his readers for some link love to help him secure the #1 spot on Google before the Northern Voice Conference on February 23. Duane learned about this blog war post through some friends. And while he says he doesn’t give a stink about his rank most days, he will not be outdone this time around. I checked in this am and Boris is currently in 1st place, followed by Duane. The other guy isn’t even in the top 5 right now.


Duane is also offering a one-of-a-kind, 12×18 photograph(which just so happens to be the header on the Launch Party Vancouver website right now) to one lucky blogger, who supports his cause.

I want Duane, who recently helped me out by taking some photographs at LPV3, to beat this other guy down online. Strutta and Bootup Labs just moved into new office space in Gastown and the walls are pretty bare right now. This pic would look very nice on our wall.

Good luck, Duanelander.


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