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Ann Taylor’s Celebrations

For my friend Jamie’s wedding in June, the bridesmaids will be wearing this Karen dress in cornflower blue from Ann Taylor. It is 100% silk and fits just below the knee.

Ann Taylor Celebrations – Style Karen

Jamie originally said she wanted her bridesmaids to wear Robin egg blue or any shade of blue but after her sister tried on this dress and loved it, I think the rest of the BM’s jumped on board. The price was right and it was easy to get. Ann Taylor has quite a few dresses to choose from, even a few wedding gowns.


12 thoughts on “Ann Taylor’s Celebrations

  1. We would love to buy two of the Karen style dresses in a size four if any of your bridesmaids are interested in selling their dress after the wedding.

  2. Did any of your bridesmaids wear a size 12?
    I am facing quite the dilemma, in that the dress that I purchased is too small. Classic story of I will lose the weight. All of the bridesmaids are wearing cornflower blue. Could you please ask your bridesmaids.

    Congratulations on your wedding.


  3. I am looking for this dress or any other cornflower Ann Taylor dress in a size larger than 6 (best would be 8). If anyone has one, please contact me ! I am a bridesmaid and the bride bought our dresses off the sale rack and bought me the wrong size !

    Any help would be much appreciated !


  4. I am getting married in August 2009 and one of my brides maids is now due to have her baby the week of! Just wondering if there are any sizes 2-4-6 so that we can add another bridesmaid to our party. We are searching for the Cornflower Blue Karen dress. Any information would be greatly appreciated!

  5. I am currently looking for 2 of these dresses in a 00, 0 or 2. If anyone has one they want to sell, I’d be very interested! Thanks!

  6. I need this dress in a 0 or 2 for one of my bridesmaids for my wedding July 25. Anyone have one to sell by then?

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