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Valentine 14

Last Valentine’s, I wondered where we would be on Valentine 14 and now that it is here, I realize we are exactly where we want to be. This year, I took care of the planning. Danny was not sure how this was going to play out with me at the helm and kept checking in with me the day before to make sure I was, in fact, planning something.

I know many people do not like Valentine’s Day but whether you have a partner or not, it is still nice to think of and even celebrate with people you love. We have not really celebrated V day in the past but last year, Danny cooked me dinner (a meal reminiscent of our early days together in Whistler) and we talked for hours. It was perfect, actually. VDay 14 had a similar start b/c we enjoyed last year so much but the knock at the door at 9pm definitely threw Danny off.

I hired personal estheticians from mobile spa, Beauty in Motion (BIM) to come by for some late night pampering.

Packing pellegrino, robes, slippers, music, massage tables and more, they really try their best to give you the full spa experience in your home. We both really enjoyed it but here are a handful of things you should know if you are considering it:

  1. You need a lot of space for them to set up their massage tables, products and water bowls. By a sink is ideal.
  2. They make you fill out a form. Boo. And it takes a good 20 minutes for them to set up two tables, complete with sheets and blankets. Note: they bring mats to protect your floors.
  3. The prices on their site seem reasonable but for a side-by-side massage or facial the price goes up and they charge you for travel time.
  4. You are not in a spa. You are in your home. There are no reminders to put your phone on vibrate or turn it off.  And, of course – we forgot.  The phone rang in the middle of our treatment, which takes away from that Zen feeling.
  5. After you are done, they still have to pack everything up. This takes a little more time when all you want to do is crawl into bed and continue the relaxation.

All said, it was definitely worth trying. It’s a nice treat to have them come to you but it is even nicer if you can get away and enjoy the peace of a real spa.   But for a pedi party with a bunch of friends, this is a great service.  Kudos to BIM for using 100% organic products. We both smelled like delicious blueberries in bed.


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