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Rehearsal Dinner @ the Ridge

On August 8 @ 7:30pm,  at Arbutus Ridge Golf & Country Club in Cobble Hill, BC, we will be having our rehearsal dinner.  The Ridge is just down the road from where we will be getting married the next day.

Arbutus Ridge courtesy of Golfbc.com

Danny and I visited the Ridge the first summer we spent together. Danny’s Dad had always loved BC, so they came out for a visit that summer. We were living in Whistler at the time and drove down the Sea to Sky, hopped on a ferry from Horseshoe Bay and headed over to meet the parents for the weekend. Danny’s Aunt and Uncle lived on the Ridge, so we went for dinner in the Clubhouse one night. I don’t remember the food, just that love struck feeling I had all week (summer) long. It was the first time Danny’s parents saw us together as a real couple. I remember being excited and a little nervous when they picked us up at the ferry.

Since that weekend, we have spent many days on the Ridge and have enjoyed a few Easter brunches in their dining room as well. My friend and bridesmaid, Robin had her wedding reception there many years ago too. I think it is the perfect location for our Rehearsal dinner and from what I am told, it is quite reasonable as well.

If you have time, you may want to play a round of golf there too. I have never played there but it was voted the Best Destination Golf Course in British Columbia by Golf Nerve Magazine in 2006.


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