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Café Medina

Nestled beside Chambar, you will find the perfect little spot to start off your morning. Opened by my friend, Julie Smith’s friend and long time Chambar server, Robbie Kane (along with Chambar’s Schuermans, Nico and Kari) Cafe Medina serves up petit waffles with sauces like milk chocolate and lavendar, raspberry caramel, or classic organic maple syrup and has a coffee menu that will make any Vancouverite happy.

The vibe is similar to it’s sister next door with brick walls, wood tables, modern white chairs, and funky big bathrooms for dames and messieurs. The menu is limited to waffles, granola, baklava, smoothies and fruit, so if you are looking for something a little heartier, this isn’t the place to go. But if waffles and coffee are your thing – wake up, hop in the car and head over to 566 Beatty. You won’t be disappointed.


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