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Bonfire under the stars

When Danny was growing up, he spent many summer days at his grandfather’s cottage on Spring Lake in the very small town of Verona, Ontario. To get there, he would have to endure a good 3 hour drive from his home in Mississauga on a hot East coast summer afternoon, wedged in the middle of his older siblings. (note: no air conditioning) But once his Mom pulled up to Grandpa Lloyd’s cottage, Danny wasn’t thinking of what it took to get there or the sticky sound his legs made when he finally pried them from the vinyl seats. He was happy to just be.

If you were lucky enough, like I was to experience this special place, you would understand why Danny loved it so. Lounging in the sun, playing bocce ball, canoe rides, water skiing behind the green monster, bbqs and bonfires are things that come to mind when I remember the cottage. The bonfires were some of my favorite times too because that is when I got to know the heart and soul of his family and fell in love with Danny even more. And the stars… Well, you would swear that you never saw so many stars in the sky. ever. We would always drive away with the hope that we would stop, look up and take it all in more. And really, isn’t that what getting away is all about?

When Danny’s parents moved west and couldn’t keep up the cottage back east, they decided to sell it. His parent’s place in Mill Bay, where we will be getting married, has turned somewhat into a cottage replacement for us. There is even a bonfire pit to make the summer nights last a little longer.

Aunt Barbie & Roger

For our wedding night, I will have to remember to stash a supply of warm blankets in baskets, an ice chest full of beverages, long sticks and a smore’s kit for the die hards (that means you) down by the bonfire. There will most definitely be a few of us up for some late night laughs, a round of the name game and the chance to catch a shooting star or two.


3 thoughts on “Bonfire under the stars

  1. In the background you can see the “Bridal Suite Tree House”
    and the Wine Shack.
    Maura, you certainly have a way with words – you should write books.
    I don’t think we had leather seats in those days, but it makes a good story.

  2. Auntie Barbie does not like that picture.
    So far I have lost about 45 #’s since then.
    More to come off yet, before the wedding.
    Can’t wait. Love you.

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