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See you at the altar

Instead of getting married with the ocean behind us, Dan’s Mom, Bev suggested that we have our ceremony on the grass in front of some trees.  We agreed.

Bev told me she had some “ideas” for our ceremonial stage and promised it would not be tacky. I wasn’t worried.  I was happy to just be getting married there and didn’t expect anything more than grass, trees and maybe some urns full of flowers.

As you can see from the pics below, where we are getting married is much more than I ever expected and her “idea” turned out amazing.  I can’t wait (well, I can…) to stand up on this deck, say our vows to each other, all the while biting my lip to hold back any tears that are bound to try and escape.   Only 3 more months to go.

Many thanks to Allan and Roger for all of your hard work and Bev for your vision.




8 thoughts on “See you at the altar

  1. glad you like it Maura and Dan
    you can still have many pictures with the ocean behind you.
    we love you both,
    Bev & Al

  2. Awesome place to exchange vows — love the trees and they’ll be around forever. Would Bev and Al let you carve your names in the trunk??

  3. Maura and Dan, what lucky people you are. Al, Bev and Roger, what a fantastic job and such fun watching it develope. I can’t wait to sit on one of those chairs.

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