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Wish you love, J

Jamie – one of my best friends, bridesmaids and bride-to-be had her wedding shower today at 11 Water Street Restaurant in Exeter, MA.   Her wonderful sister and MOH, Stacy organized the shower and sent me a sweet email tonight to let me know that it was “fabulous…”  I am sure that it was.

Only 6 more weeks until Jamie’s big day.  I can’t wait to be there to celebrate this special moment in time with Jamie, and her friends and family.

Song for J.

A few summers ago, Jamie came to visit us while we were living in Horseshoe Bay, BC.  We drove up to Whistler one night for fun and Jamie kept playing By Your Side by Sade over and over again in the car.  She said that she just couldn’t get tired of it.  I think it was the ONLY song we listened to on the drive to and from Whistler and I am not exaggerating.  Now, every time I hear this song, I can’t help but think of Jamie.  It’s fitting too because I will be “by your side” very soon, J.    Love you.


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