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Bub-bye Nokia 95

Now that I have handed in my Blackberry for the Nokia N95, I am pretty much off the grid when I am not at work or close to my beloved Macbook.  Considering how much time I spent on my BB before the switch, maybe that is not such a bad thing.  The N95 is not exactly user friendly. It takes a few clicks to get to where you want to be.  And none of the clicks are intuitive or make sense.   I miss Blackberry’s home screen, where all your IM’s, phone calls, and emails appeared on one screen.

Nokia 95

Nokia 95


Media Maven. What I do love is the ability to take high quality videos and photos on the fly and upload them directly from my phone to my Flickr account.  The N95 does that well.

Locking my phone. I am not sure whether to put this in the Pro or Con section. In some ways it is a pro for me, because I forgot to turn my BB off but it locks it way too frequently on it’s own.


It’s loud. There is a sound for everything and if you try and silence the other notifications like email, Twitter or Im, your turn off your phone’s ringer too.  I realize I may be missing something but it takes a lot to actually find and change the sounds of everything.

Typing. I miss my Qwerty keys but even on the BB Perl, I could type faster than on Nokia.  So, I hardly type at all.

Battery drain. the power drops on this phone fast and without warning that I know of.  I realize I have a lot programs on this thing but it sucks if you basically have to charge the thing all day.

Fring. The programs built for it also need an overhaul.  I have been using Fring for Twitter, which notifies me every single time I receive a message. And when I am notifed, this program interupts what I am presently doing like making a phone call or typing an sms, and appears on the screen in front of me.  To continue what I was in the middle of,  I am forced to hit Hide and Back again to return to the screen I was already on.  It is pretty frustrating. The only solution that I know of: turn off Twitter or find a new program.

If you look at the iPhone and Blackberry at the top of the list for usability, the N95, in my opinion, is floating somewhere at the bottom of the usability pool.   It’s because of this, I am ready to sell it to a good home.


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