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Frantoia Olive Oil

Our friend’s Barb and Ross recently gave us a bottle of this premium Sicilian olive oil at our Jack & Jill party.  The theme of the dinner party, hosted by our good friends Dave & Nancy, was to bring a bottle of whatever reminded each guest of the happy couple.  Some friends brought yummy red wine, others brought things you could only find at Honey and Barb brought this luscious bottle of goodness.

Deep, golden green and rich, with lovely long legs that cling to the inside of the bottle when you swirl it around.  I used it to make Aglio E Olio pasta with broccoli for dinner tonight but I didn’t heat the oil. I knew that would destroy it’s natural flavor and as a result, I wouldn’t be able to taste the delicate fruit and almond nuttiness of this oil.  So, I cooked up the garlic separately, added some crushed red pepper, sea salt, drizzled the olive oil all over the capellini and topped it with fresh parmesan.  So simple. So good. I may just dream about it.

You can find this little gem at Whole Foods with the price tag to match.


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