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Wedding Up-do tips

Picking a wedding hairstyle for me was harder than finding the perfect dress.  I am not a posh, polished or high maintenance girl.  Breakfast at Tiffany’s, while elegant and modern, is not me.  Barrel curls, please no!   I wanted to look like me, but a bridal version of me.  So, I scoured every bridal magazine and website I could find and finally found a few styles that I liked, including this one below.  My stylist listened to my suggestions, used this pic as a guide and added a few personal touches to make this style work for me.

And this was the final result:

Bridal hair tips:

  1. Find pictures of hairstyles you love online or in wedding magazines.  Try to find styles with hair that is similar to yours in texture and weight.
  2. To find the best hairstyles for your face, look for models with similar face shapes as yours.
  3. If you are getting married out of town, ask stylish locals and boutiques for their recommendations on salons and stylists.
  4. Schedule a hair trial before your wedding day and bring your veil and/or hair accessories with you.  I booked in two trials with different stylists at different salons.  These trials helped me figure out what worked best for me and what kind of stylist I needed.
  5. A good hair stylist is confident, listens to your suggestions and is experienced.  When I met with my stylist the first time, she just played around with my hair.  By the end of our meeting, I had no idea how my hair was going to look on my wedding day but I had complete faith in her.
  6. When you book your appointment, give yourself enough time to make changes if need be.  Do not be afraid to tell your stylist you don’t like something.  If you have time, you can change it.  I have had too many friends, who were unhappy with their wedding day hair, but they didn’t have any time to change it.
  7. Contrary to what most of you have heard – clean, dry hair will hold your style and curl better than dirty, greasy hair.  Dirtier hair tends to be heavier and oily, making it more challenging to work with.  For best results, wash your hair the day or the night before the big day.


One thought on “Wedding Up-do tips

  1. I’ve been scouring the internet and magazines for ages, looking for a style that suited what I wanted for my wedding hair, and yours is the only blog that’s been even remotely close. Thanks so much for posting pictures that I can take to *my* stylist to show her what I want!


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