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My Favorite Wedding Weekend Moments.

Our wedding weekend was so fun, I would love to do it all over again.  The best part of it all was having my closest friends and family in the same place for a long weekend.  Here are 25 of my other favorite moments.  D has his own list and I am sure you have yours.   Thanks for making it so memorable for me.  Please share your favorite moments with me in the comments and links to photos if I have not seen them yet.

  1. Wednesday night. Having drinks and dinner with Karla and my Mom on the rooftop deck at Saltaire (go for the view, not the food). It was a beautiful August evening with two of my favorite people.
  2. Breakfast with Jamie, Mindy, Sis and Karla in Horseshoe Bay en route to Vancouver Island.
  3. Pulling in the driveway at D’s parent’s place, Thursday afternoon only to turn around and be airlifted and bear hugged by D’s best friend from RI, Dan Reagan.
  4. Thursday night in Mill Bay – playing bocce ball with Frannie, Mike, Tall Dan and Big Dan and winning. I was on Frannie’s team.
  5. Mike & Michelle and Christina and Mark arriving at the house on Thursday.  It had been a while since I had seen them.
  6. Sitting in the kitchen on Thursday night with Christina and Mark while David tried to convince me to walk down the aisle to MC Hammer’s classic “Can’t Touch This” and Here Comes the Bride.  He said if I did, he would rent a plane and write “I told her to do that…” in the sky.
  7. D explaining the rules of the Car Rally and teaming everyone up in random groups of 3 and 4.  None of our friends and family truly knew what a car rally was or what they were in for that day.  D and his Dad organized the entire thing together and it was so much fun.  Julie M. said “Happy Wedding Day, Dan!”  He was so happy. This was his day.
  8. Seeing Karla & Kevin arrive at the BBQ/rehearsal dinner in a RV (no small feat and a whopping 50 extra bonus points), hearing all the tales from the day and seeing some pretty funny photos and videos – priceless.
  9. Playing a very eh-hemm, heated game of Thumper after the BBQ, where J shocked us all. 🙂  The group started off small and people kept joining in until everyone who was left in the house was playing the game.
  10. Saying good-bye to D in the kitchen the night before our wedding after he told me how he was going to kiss me at the altar.  Wow!
  11. Standing on the balcony with Dan Reagan, catching up and reminiscing before crashing into bed at 3am.  So much for going to bed early the night before our wedding.
  12. Breakfast at John’s Place in Victoria, BC with all of my bridesmaids and my Mom. It was such a special morning for me, surrounded by my closest girlfriends.
  13. Taking over the Fix Hair Garage while we got our hair done for the wedding.
  14. Driving back over the Malahat right into a big dark rain cloud and hearing Robin say as her windshield wipers were swishing furiously back-and-forth – “Don’t worry. It’s not raining…”
  15. Getting dressed with Jack, not my bridesmaids, in my mother-in-law’s closet.
  16. Watching Emma & Journs walk down the aisle sprinkling petals on the grass.  I told them I wouldn’t have been able to find my way to the altar without them.  They were so beautiful and happy.
  17. Walking down the aisle in the rain while my Mom and Jack both stepped on my dress.  It was real life and it distracted me.
  18. Saying my vows and listening to D’s promises to me.  I was so happy, I couldn’t stop smiling.
  19. The rain stopped after the ceremony and 3 rainbows appeared.  Dhoris said “That’s god’s blessing.  I did feel so blessed.
  20. The toasts on the back deck.
  21. Group hug with Mindy, Holly & Mirvy on the back deck.
  22. Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy – If you were there, you know what I am talking about. Our DJ, Tony was AWESOME!  The best dj I have ever seen at a wedding. If you can book him, don’t hesistate.
  23. Dancing and crying to the “The Luckiest...” and dancing with my Mom to Nat King Cole.
  24. The late night meatball sandwiches in the kitchen. Big thank you to Sis for making all 70 of them and Jon for tending to them so lovingly.
  25. Going to sleep as Mrs.Robinson and waking up to Mr. Robinson’s eggers and Boris’s hi-def bacon.

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