Groomsmen Gifts

We wanted something the Groomsmen would probably use again.  My bridesmaid Karla helped me track down Smith Bauhaus Sunglasses, which look good even in the rain.


Bridesmaid Gifts

I wanted something unique for each of my bridesmaids because they all represent different phases in my life and have been there to support me at every turn.  I am very blessed to have such amazing friends and was really happy to have 9 of them standing beside me on my wedding day.

After almost a year of trying to figure out what to get my bridesmaids, I finally decided on 9 different silver necklaces, which I found at Blue Ruby made by local designers, 9 different books that I thought each may enjoy and 9 USB keys with a playlist of songs that reminded me of each of them saved on each drive.  It wasn’t easy.  It took time but in the end, I was happy with the gifts.

Handmade Gifts from has a little bit of cool everything.  From laptop bags and change purses to organic jewelry like this, I love this site.  And the interactions I have had with the designers I have emailed in the past has been great.  I may consider ordering some unique, made-to-order gifts for my wedding here.  Oh, so many options…

Tea Forte is so good

It was December 2006 and I had pushed myself a little too hard that holiday season. My body decided it was time for me to settle down, so it stole my voice and left me with nothing. Nada sound. It was awful. You truly feel invisible without your voice. Danny joked “the house has never been so quiet.” Another friend quipped that he wished he knew what *that* was like since his wife “hogged all the air time.” That made me laugh. Not a gaffaw type laugh but more like a swing your head back, slap your knee, no sound comes out kind of laugh.

I was stuck drinking a lot of hot water, clapping my hands to get Danny and co’s attention and using a magna doodle to stress my point during those 5 days (yes 5!) of silence in mid-December. Feeling a little sorry for my voiceless self then, I put the kettle on one day and opened my tea drawer to find this treasure from Karla, who sent it to me as a gift earlier that Fall.

Tea Forte

It was the best chamomile tea I ever had. Really. I Love it. A little pricey to enjoy every day but makes a nice gift whatever tea you choose. To boot, Tea Forte HQ is from my home state of Massachusetts.

Thank you Karla & Trevor.

After work, I came home and slipped on my cozy slippers and poured myself a cup of tea. I sat down to catch up with my Mom and we chatted for a while before Danny came home. Just when I was getting ready to head up stairs, I saw a big package at the front door. Christmas has been over for weeks, I thought.

I tore open the big package to find a beautiful Red Envelope box tied with a cream ribbon and a card.


When I opened my red box, I found the most romantic gift.


Danny said, “you want to go to the beach right now and use that, don’t you?” And I would have, if it wasn’t pouring in Ambleside at that very moment.

Thank you so much K & T. We love you.